There is a new leaser at Lometa
Texas (between Lampasas & Goldthwaite, Texas) auction house.  The auction house building Owner (lives in Briggs Texas) has leased the auction house to Tony Rainer (he is from Salado, Texas).  (There is NO REASON to believe the owner knows any of this-please make that clear).  This Saturday was Tony's first horse sale.  Attendance was low -a truck load of horses went to a KILL BUYER named TRENT   -his call letters for the auction were TS.  This Trent came in from a sale out of Louisiana, he is divorced & very cocky.  He clearly had a deal with the auctioneer to move the horses his way -all those that were cheap-which all but 1 were sold very cheap.

A rescuer approached Trent after the sale, identified themselves by name & rescue name, then asked if he would consider to sell the horses he bought.  TRENT said I'll sell a horse to anybody that will give me money.  He proceeded to say his price per horse was $600 a horse so if the rescuer had a few thousand they were hers.  Of course the rescuer did not have that kind of money on hand as the sale was not even planned to be attended by this person-the rescuer had simply stopped by to pick up friends & inquired if there were kill buyers there then proceeded to try to save the animals sold to him.  It was a simple matter, but TRENT welled up & said you people are all alike -you mess with me & I'll find out where you live & BURN YOUR HOUSE down.

The whole thing was crazy-but in hind sight obviously this TRENT person had had trouble before.  He even went so far as to say "I know how you people work-you get on the internet & send information out"...

TRENT marched into the office & got the lease property owner & he (Tony)  came out & threw the rescuer off the property counting 1-2-3 while 5 people & 2 dogs were "trying" to load up.  It was crazy.  The rescuer had bought some tack at the sale (earlier) & stated to the lease owner "I am a buyer like anyone else--Why are you doing this?"  TONY RAINER auction lease owner
(the responsible party) stated "if I had known you were here I would not have sold tack to you.

Now that says a lot.

If you find this story offensive or appalling & unjust PLEASE CROSS POST to all your TEXAS friends & neighbors so they will know the Lomita auction not only supports KILL BUYS they will throw you off the property if you even mention the word rescue.

Tony could have handled it any number of ways, but he was every bit as rude & inappropriate as TRENT the KILL BUYER, even threatening to throw the rescuer in jail if they would not leave at the count of 3-not even enough time to load the 5 people who had attended the auction.

Obviously the leaser & KILL BUYER had an arrangement & they did not want anyone throwing a kink in their little plan to back door horses from the front & on out the back to TRENT.

TRENT drives a white truck & pulls a very large
gooseneck trailer that holds 20ish horses.  His license plate number is 96FNM9.

If seen DO NOT APPROACH-this guy is a loose cannon.

The rescuer & witnesses did report the incident to the Lomita police department who wrote it up on file, but nothing will be done, although getting the  word out to others who do not want their horses sold in this manner & back doored to TRENT need their EYES OPEN.