Publications and Press Releases 2005

Dec 26, 2005 Augusta Free Press letter to the editor-Something to Remember, Valerie James-Patton
Dec 21, 2005 Tri-State Neighbor letter to the editor-Californian says blame Texas group for no stolen horse enforcement, Valerie James-Patton
Dec 1, 2005 Dallas Morning News-Dallas Crown Deemed a Nuisance,
Nov 9, 2005 Sports Illustrated Frank Deford We're still killing horses in the U.S.-It Needs To End-
May 11, 2005 Update on the AHSPA in the 109th Congress from Chris Heyde
May 4, 2005 Cleveland Scene  Eating Mister Ed
May 3, 2005 DeKalb Daily Chronicle Horse-slaughtering plants aren't good for cities
April 27, 2005 Lexington Herald Leader  Lawmakers pull together diverse coalition to stop horse slaughter
April 27, 2005 WTVO News, DeKalb, Illinois
  Government Repossess Horses from DeKalb Slaughterhouse
April 26,2005 Daily Chronicle
More wild horses slaughtered at Cavel as Interior Department, Ford unite to save 52
April 25, 2005 Press Advisory
Re Wild Horses Already Being Slaughtered for Human Consumption
April 21, 2005 The Las Vegas Sun 
First time under new law, six wild horses slaughtered
April 21, 2005 The Dallas Morning News
Vocal mayor drives Kaufman race
April 19, 2005
  Unwanted Horse Summit Only the Beginning
April 15, 2005  Chapter 7, Killing Them in Texas
, After the Finish Line, Bill Heller
April 8, 2005  DeKalb Daily Chronicle  Cavel fined for violating city wastewater rules
March 13, 2005 The Dallas Morning News
  Slaughterhouse divides neighbors in Kaufman Mayor among foes of Dallas Crown plant, which faces 2 lawsuits 
March 13, 2005 The Dallas Morning News
   For wild horses, paradise lost  Agency reassures activists after new law removes slaughter ban