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The 906-page FOIA includes hundreds of separate photographs
of severe and alarming cruelty taken at the plant during part of 2005. These pictures are a result of transportation violations.

Additional FOIA/Public Information Act Records

Leroy Baker owner-shipper, international health certificates (reguested Dec. 2014) - 1 partial

Michael McBarron - Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Complaint/Investigation - 2014-2015

M&M Livestock - Owner-shipper 05/03/14 - Part 1

Commerical Transport of Equines to Slaughter Regulations Violation FOIA for 2010 - Investigations

FOIA Requested 2011 - All records pertaining to the Commerial Transport of Equines to Slaughter Regulations - Part 1  Records A  Records B

FOIA Request for Investigations on IL07071, IL07035, IL07036 and IL07037- (Birdsong, McBarron, Ward... (graphic pictures warning)

FOIA Request for list of owner-shippers of slaughter horses in the state of Texas and paperwork, 2011 - Records 5 Records 8  Records 9
Records 10 Records 11  Records 12   Records 13   Records 14  Records 15  Records 16  Final

International Health Certificates for Horses Leaving Presido, Texas for slaughter for year 2011 - Records

Dennis Chavez FOiA Sent 2012, received 2014, reocrds 2010, 2011 paperwork - Part 1  Part 2   Part 3   Part 4 Part 6   Part7  Final

Dennis Chavez paperwork - Part 4 Part 5 

FOIA for owner-shipper paperwork for slaughter horses coming out of Kaufman, Texas, Jan. 2012 - Jun. 2012- Records

Leroy Baker-Sugarcreek 

Frank Bauer and Sons

G and B Horse Livestock

Varner Horse Company

Ricketts Horse Company

Central Texas Livestock

Licensed Dealers OH, PA, NY

New York Licensed Livestock Dealers

Cattlemen's  Auction-Belen, NM

TX Vet Medical Center (A&M)

TDCJ Ag. Headquarters

 TX Dept. of  Criminal Justice

Landfair Brothers FOIA 487 Part 1

Landfair Brothers FOIA 482 Part 2

Landfair Brothers FOIA 486 Part 3

Landfair Brothers FOIA 486 Part 4

USDA Judicial Proceedings
Jack Reinhart
Leroy Baker
Trent Ward-Mike McBarron
Trent Ward
Billy Rowan
Randy and Jeff Smith
Ryon Simon

Slaughtered by Breed Type
Jan 2002-Jan 2004

Humane Slaughter Act Violations


Miscellaneous FOIA's
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